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We’re committed to keeping your apparatus in service and on the road because rescues can’t wait. We’ve put together a network of service and support resources with the overriding goal to minimize, if not completely avoid, any down time with your fleet.


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Located at our headquarters in Charlotte, Michigan; our factory offers a full-line of service and repairs. Fully equipped with 12 service bays, six pits, six flat bays, and a certified four-corner drive-through vehicle scale staffed by ASE certified technicians to meet all of your preventative maintenance and service needs.



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With over 245 locations throughout the US and Canada, these facilities have Spartan-trained, fully licensed and insured technicians to provide comprehensive support and repair services. Find a Service Center near you.



Check out our Maintenance FAQs.



We offer many parts & accessories for easy maintenance, repair, and replacement. To order, contact:

Aftermarket Parts (Emergency Response Sales)

800.722.3025 Fax: 888.879.5671
[email protected]
Monday – Thursday 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. EST
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“Every Spartan owner should take advantage of Spartan’s great service! They took the extra mile to cover some the of questions I had inquired about.”
Kenneth Jensen

“Your customer service is always of the highest quality. Your technicians and Spartan Service Center staff are very knowledgeable and helpful whenever we have questions or issues with our chassis.” Richard Bosse


“Very pleased with technical chassis support and repairs. Office staff was also first rate. My rig is like new!” Ernest Horter


“I’m ready to schedule my next annual service in February 2020!” Dick Kilma


Fire Apparatus Warranties

Spartan proudly stands behind every vehicle that we manufacture. We offer the following vehicle-specific warranties.



  • 2 year bumper to bumper
  • 20 year Stainless Steel Body
  • 10 year Aluminum Body
  • 10 Year Stainless Steel plumbing
  • For additional model-specific warranty coverage details,
    please call 800.543.5008, Option 1



  • 12 months limited warranty

Have Questions About Warranties?



Call us directly at 800.543.5008, (Option 1) for Warranty Authorization/Assistance
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Email a Warranty Invoice
Email your pre-authorized warranty invoice to: [email protected]

Please note: Invoices must include date in/date out, mileage, Spartan Chassis authorization number, complaint/cause/correction, itemized labor hours, & labor rate.

Service FAQ's

Does Spartan Chassis offer training opportunities?

Yes. Spartan Chassis offers a variety of training opportunities for the end-users that own our chassis, and the technicians that service them. The Emergency Response end-user level training is held at the end-user’s location and is customized to meet their needs. The technician level training covers a number of topics focusing on proper periodic maintenance, system operation, troubleshooting, and diagnostics and repair of multiple chassis systems. Technician training is held at the Spartan Chassis factory in Charlotte, MI, and regionally throughout the US. To learn more about Spartan Chassis training opportunities please contact our Service Development and Training staff.


What does the Spartan Chassis limited warranty cover?

Spartan’s chassis limited warranty covers repair or replacement, at the sole discretion of Spartan Chassis, Inc., of any part of the new Spartan chassis (except the engine and transmission) in which a defect in materials or workmanship appears under normal use, where maintenance has been performed as stated in the Operation & Maintenance Manual.

The engine and transmission are not covered by the Spartan limited warranty but they are covered by warranties issued from the engine and transmission manufacturers. The chassis owner should check the original component manufacturers’ warranties regarding coverage.

Original limited warranties for emergency response cab & chassis are in effect for a period beginning the date the finished vehicle is delivered to the first end user and ending after 24 months for fire trucks and 12 months for rescue transport vehicles. Please contact Spartan Chassis to determine the warrantable period for a specific cab and chassis.

Some examples of items not covered under the limited warranty include normal maintenance such as lubrication, batteries, tires, etc. Failure to maintain proper fluid levels and installation of aftermarket devices can void your limited warranty. It is recommended that the owner refer to the Operation & Maintenance Manual for a complete list of warrantable and non-warrantable items.


How do I register my Spartan Chassis limited warranty?

Please submit your Spartan Chassis Limited Warranty Registration form within 30 days of the purchase date. The warranty registration form is located in the warranty section of the owner’s manual CD, or it may be accessed online here.


How do I find authorized service for my vehicle?

There is a unique distinction between Spartan Chassis’ Authorized Service Centers and other general service centers across the country. Our authorized service facilities have committed to training because they acknowledge and value the importance of educating their technicians. Thorough training directly impacts labor hours, warranty costs and down time for our customers. Service centers are pre-qualified by Spartan Chassis based on market coverage. Find Authorized Service


How important is it to keep maintenance logs on my emergency response chassis?

It is the owner’s responsibility to keep accurate maintenance and repair records, including receipts. Should lack of required maintenance be the reason for repair, a warranty claim will not be accepted. Spartan Chassis reserves the right to request your maintenance and repair records for verification of compliance with required maintenance practices and intervals.

We recommend maintenance and repair records/receipts be kept with the vehicle as permanent records. Acceptable records include itemized bills, dealer work orders, owner’s vehicle log, and service facility receipts, which must state the date the service was performed, mileage (kilometers), Vehicle Identification Number, and service performed.


Where can I find basic information about the proper use and care of my cab and/or chassis?

If you can’t find the answer in the Emergency Operations & Maintenance Manual provided with your chassis, or you have more technical questions that are not covered in the manual, please contact Spartan Motors.

Maintenance FAQ's

Do not open throttle light

This light is located near the pump operator’s position. This light will be illuminated when the truck is in neutral with the park brake set and or when the truck is ready to pump. This light is NOT an Ok to pump light; it simply indicates that if the throttle is advanced the truck will not drive away. This indicator is useful on vehicles not equipped with a high idle feature where the operator wishes to raise engine rpm to boost alternator output while not pumping.


Towing procedure

Before towing the vehicle it is recommended that the water tank be emptied and that only the towing devices shall be used (tow hooks, tow eye’s) – nothing else will be warranted.


Tank refill procedure

It is vendor recommendation that when filling the booster tank, the operator does not go over 100 psi fill pressure- tank may burst and/or fill line is not rated for high pressure.


Washing products to use / not to use

See delivery manuals for instructions.


Periodically check fasteners

It is our recommendation that all fasteners are checked for tightness upon delivery and periodically to prevent unnecessary damage or loss of bolt-on accessory such as (wheel covers, trim pieces, lens covers).


Blocking mode / scene mode

While all warning lights are functioning, the vehicle will switch from scene mode to blocking mode by applying the parking brake. During this switch all white warning lights will be disabled.


Master emergency switch

The master emergency switch that will turn on all warning lights may need to be turned on in order to use auxiliary electrical items if this switch is specified to do so by the customer. EXAMPLES: directional light bar, unity lights.


Turn signals / marker lights

On some vehicles there will be an amber light installed forward of the rear wheels, this light is a turn signal not a marker light. The marker lights are usually located in the pump panel area.


Work light switches

The work light switches will turn on all work lights and step lights at that location. All these lights including the ground lights will be turned off automatically once the parking brake is released – other lights may be included at customer request.


Door ajar light (related items tied into)

The door ajar flasher in the cab may have more than just the cab and body doors tied into it. Some other items that may be tied into this light may be ladder compartment door, ladder rack, fold-a-tank rack, and extendable deck gun.


Headlight flasher operation

Headlight flashers will operate when the headlights are not being used and the master emergency switch is on. When the headlights are on low beams the high beam light will flash. When the high beams are on the headlight flashers will not work.


Cab tilt locks

When the cab is lowered on a custom chassis you must make sure that the cab is getting locked down in the cradle. The cab is not locked down once the cab stops moving. You must hold the lowering button for about 5-7 seconds for the latches to lock the cab down.


Transmission mode button programmed/ not programmed

The transmission keypad used on some of the chassis will utilize the mode button on the keypad. Depending on how the specifications read the mode button may or may not be used. The mode button is used to shift the transmission into the highest gear allowed. If the mode button is disabled the transmission will automatically shift to the highest gear once the transmission is put into drive.


Heater shut-off valve

It is recommended that on custom chassis if air conditioning is furnished, in the summer time that the heater valve is shut off. This valve is usually located under the cab in front of the front wheel on the passenger side. This will prevent the circulation of coolant into the heater/air conditioner. Once cold weather has arrived the valve will need to be opened in order to have heat in the chassis.


4th gear lock up

When shifting the vehicle into pump gear, the transmission gear display will go into 4th gear; this is called 4th gear lock up. This will tell the operator that the pump has been successfully shifted into pump gear. This display should not show any other gear other than 4th. If the display shows any other gear the shift was not successful.


Electrical schematic in manuals

All electrical schematic’s are located in the CFI manual for the customer to reference.


Warranty forms for activation

Before any warranty claim will be considered, the warranty claim activation form that is furnished in your CFI manuals will need to be signed and returned to CFI to be on file.


Spartan ERV Manuals

It is recommended that the customer read through the CFI manuals thoroughly upon delivery of any apparatus.