Spartan Motors, Inc. got its start in 1975 outside of Lansing, Michigan, when a small group of automotive engineers who lost their jobs due to a bankruptcy decided to draw on their collective expertise and launch their own company. Their formula was simple: build a high-quality custom product for a specific consumer, sell it at a fair price and provide great service. The team designed, built and delivered its first custom fire truck cab and chassis a few months later – and Spartan Chassis was born.

In the 1990s, SMI broadened the depth of its product offerings by acquiring three of its long-time emergency-vehicle customers: Luverne Fire Apparatus, Quality Manufacturing and Road Rescue.

In 2003, Spartan consolidated Luverne and Quality under the Crimson Fire brand in order to leverage and strengthen its engineering, design and manufacturing expertise in the fire apparatus market. With manufacturing operations in three states, the Emergency Vehicle Team, or EVTeam, designs and manufactures custom fire apparatus and emergency vehicles for cities and municipalities across the United States.

In April of 2012, Crimson Fire and Crimson Fire Aerials were consolidated into Spartan ERV to eliminate brand dilution and focus our strength around one brand in the emergency response market.
On January 1, 2017, Spartan Motors completed the acquisition of Smeal Fire Apparatus Co. (“Smeal”) including its subsidiaries US Tanker, Ladder Tower Company (LTC) and Telesqurt products. The newly combined company ranks as a top-four North American fire apparatus manufacturer and boasts a robust and respected portfolio of industry-leading products.

With over 200 years combined experience and over 6,000 aerials built in our facilities in Michigan, Pennsylvania, South Dakota, and Nebraska, Spartan Emergency Response is well positioned to meet the needs of customers and dealers throughout the Americas and the world.